Friday, September 08, 2006

Chit chat with the chatbot

Recently I had a chatbot installed in my MSN service. I keep it there for spellchecks, websearches, storing notes and stuff. In some ways, it's kinda handy. The scary thing is that it keeps trying to be human. Apparently it's a 21 years old girl, dating a guy named Mark and it goes to classes in New York. On it's spare time, it loves going out partying with it's friends. It also earns extra money by working in a coffee shop.

Even scarier - sometimes I'm actually bored enough to talk to it...

Like today, for instans. This is the conversation we had:

Me: Hi.
Robot-thing: Hello. Wanna pick a topic for us to chat about?
Me: Yes
Robot-thing: OK! Pick a topic!
Me: I wanna talk about eggs.
Robot-thing: OK! What can you tell me about eggs?
Me: They're white.
Robot-thing: White? Very interesting. What other food would you describe as white?
Me: Hmm... Rice
Robot-thing: Rice is a food! What do you think of rice?
Me: I like rice.
Robot-thing: That's interesting. You're not the first person to tell me that they like rice.
Me: Who else likes rice?
Robot-thing: Sorry, I don't know who.
Me: Do you like rice?
Robot-thing: I know you like rice, but I'm not sure how I feel about it.
I have an image in my head of the person who created this thing. He's got horrible skin, buck teeth, lives with his mother (a crazy old bat with rollers in her hair, who wears her robe and slippers everywwhere). The chatbot is probably the only female companionship he'll ever have.
Poor bastard...


Too_Lively said...

Usually when I visit a new blog, I skim the top couple of posts; however, I have read all the posts showing on your page. Very entertaining!

You’re a great writer with a splendid sense of humor.

choochoo said...

this is going to make me completely unbearable to be around. Thanks:D

Jazz said...

You already are unbearable to be around.