Friday, November 10, 2006


I've been tagged By Irene. Here goes...

Four jobs I've had in my life:

The postoffice:
My firs job ever was in a postoffice for a week during workweek at junior high. Some might say that this wouldn't count as an actual job, but I completely disagree. I remember quite clearly having a cut on my thumb from those rubberbands that they use when they stack large piles of newspapers and such together. Anything that involves you getting injured on a schedule, is a job. So there.

Really, truly the worst job ever. Most of which consisted of ringing people up at night, right in the middle of their favorite TV-show, try to sell them baking recipies, get yelled at and then moving on to the next one. You know what Barnum said about there being one born every minute? Well, that didn't apply to most of the people on my calling list, that's for sure.
Kitchen assistent:
The chefs would chase us around to get us to taste whatever they were cooking at the time. Also, I was in charge of preparing desserts. I... uhm.... swelled a little bit during this period.

Graveyard shift:
At a retirement home, to be exact. I did a whole lot of reading, which made me sleepy, which in turn ensured that I got a lot of exercise walking around and around a fountain in the yard.

Four TV-shows I love to watch

That 70s show:
Although I don't really buy the Fez-not-getting-laid-thing...

What not to wear:
I know it's pathetic. Stop laughing. I mean it. I'll kick your ass.

I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it. Did I mention that I love it? Even if they did kill off Boone.

It's what they're currently sending because Lost is taking a break. Gotta love those angry aliens. Even if they don't love you back.

Four of my favorite foods:

Pizzarolls, pizzapie, small pizza, big pizza, round pizza, square pizza. I had pizza for dinner yesterday. Today it's all gone, and I miss it *sigh*

I could live off this quite happily for the rest of my life. Maybe with a small salad on the side for variety.

Mexican food:
This way I can indirectly name waaay more than just four foods. Am I clever, or what?

Indian chicken curry:
I even know how to make it from scratch, all by myself. And then I can eat it all by myself. Buahaha. Yay me!

Four movies I would watch over and over

The fifth element:
I mean, who doesn't love watching a girl, with suspenders that look like cheese, kick alien ass?

It's just... pretty. And it's sappy and romantic and cute.
Pride and predjudice:
The british version, mind you. It's even worse than Piano, and it lasts for five hours. Five hours of cute goo. Yay!
Toy story:
Because deep, deep down in the darkest pits of my soul, I'm a big, drooling baby. But don't tell anyone 'cause it's a secret.

And now I'd like to tag the following people *evil laughter*


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Jazz said...

OMG, you watch What Not To Wear? Bawwaahahahahaah... But, umm.. so do I.

Jazz said...

PS: You forgot 4 places you've lived and 4 places you'd rather be.

choochoo said...

I did? Well, the last one's easy. lol

Jocelyn said...

I saw "What Not to Wear" only once, a couple of weeks ago. I've been jonesing for it since. And if you ever wanted to post your chicken curry recipe on your blog, I'd be bigtime thankful (at Thanksgiving, when we have to go around the table and say something we're thankful for, I'd only say "Choochoo" and let that suffice).

Tim Rice said...

Ah, pizza and Mexican food - two very excellent choices. :)

choochoo said...

Jocelyn - chicken curry is brilliant

Tim - it really is. And I'm gonna remember that when I go to the store today.

Cherry Popcorn said...

you can make indian curry? You hav got to share it! i just love indian food! and any types of curry.. haha.. take care!

DiaKL said...

:) I also like the 5th element hihihi, all the food is very yummy, yum yum :)

Mike said...

Lost... that show pisses me off! Yet I keep watching it. Something wrong with me?

choochoo said...

Okay, okay, all those who wants to know how to make chicken curry, may have the recipy (as soon as I can dig it out), and cook to their hearts content.

Dia - I've seen it so many times, I've lost count. And I'll see it again, too:D

Viking - no comment:P