Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Great, big ears

The Pooch has got very large ears. You couldn't sneak up on her, even if you tried really hard. Which I have. Many, many times.

Thanks to those humongous radar dishes on the top of her head, she noticed the neighbour’s cats hiding under the porch the moment she stepped into the yard to do her business this morning. Three of them, in all. As soon as they saw her, they came to the unanimous decision that they should find another place to hang out, which might not have been a bad idea.

First she chased a little, black cat until it escaped over the fence. The second one went up the apple tree, but the third... Well, the third cat was different.

As soon as the pooch had determined that cat nr. 2 was not coming down, and that she herself was not one of those rare doggies who could climb a tree, she span around, ready to see how fast the third intruder could go. It wasn't going fast at all, actually. In fact, it was sort of sauntering across the lawn, heading for a small opening under the fence. It was moving much the same way that I do, when I'm trying to remember something important that I forgot to write down (of course I did).

The pooch would not let this deter her, however. Convinced that the cat would pick up the speed once it saw her coming, she rushed towards it, ears back, tongue out and legs rotating wildly. The cat looked at her, blinked and carefully placed it's bum on the wet grass.

Doggie was confused. This wasn't how these things were supposed to work. The cats were supposed to run really, really fast and then she was meant to chase them at almost the same speed. Everybody knew that. And still, this one just sat there and stared at her. Could it be that it hadn't learned the rules? It was just a kitten, after all.

"yelp," said the pooch.

"Hiss," answered the cat.

The dog stared at it for another couple of seconds, shifting her weight from one paw to another, before she stuck her tail between her legs and escaped from this fearsome enemy.

My dog is such a sissy.


Jazz said...

Your dog knows what's good for her. Translated that hiss meant:

"C'mon bitch, make my day, come at me and I'll fuck you up so good you're mama won't even know you. You will rue the day you were born, you will wish I had had the mercy to kill you."

And the kitty would've.

Tim Rice said...

That's funny! :) Once in a while a cat knows how to stand up to a dog.

choochoo said...

it had real kitty murder-eyes

Mike said...

Haha! I was half expecting the cat to whip out a frying pan like in the cartoons...

choochoo said...

If it did, I would had had to film it with my phonecan:D

Oh, and save the pooch, of course